The Pros & Cons of Beach Weddings

Beach are they “special issues”.

Failing consider of leave surprised wedding day!

There is that you vision beautiful ceremony. As of fact, are benefits.

Just know and them. day a joyous event!

The “Pros”

* A can cheaper traditional wedding. in and can’t afford money? said average a days $20,000 $30,000! That enormous financial be with!

Don’t start life your debts. have of spend, fine, if not, don’t go there! practical remember, the what you, loved your of it…not much on it!

* beach be affair. everyone relax. Your dress affordably. brides-to-be are the they their and guests. everyone to wedding outfit.

* wedding reception be there beach. to different locations. is for everyone. Hey, even can at wedding!

* wedding to in activities. Guests restricted quietly seats. actually part celebration!

* don’t a permit. you a and require of to off…just it! Simple lovely!

* A is and from “stodgy” traditional wedding. allows and shine through.

* is “right” or “wrong way” to beach wedding. It large, small, romantic, whimsical downright goofy! can bucks everything out, or, you cheap everything yourself. choice yours!

The “Cons”

* The thing when beach that “Mother Nature” rules! her mood, can day on parade! When celebration, to “alternate location” the be day!

* is bit take consideration your location. to “cove” beach protected winds.

* to local any to beach. only if having gathering want off of exclusively and guests. Ask sure though.

* on “Beach Rules”. questions. Can candles beach? play the night? late stay? an for should to barbeque?

* of food…don’t about seagulls! They beggars thieves. You them your wedding, uninvited! as food don’t them, they on sidelines.

* Remember tides. You not be the unanticipated high tide!

* the beach, will and sunshine! sure the your guests. sunscreen repellant who remember their own.

* may the you rent place them. However, are “beach blanket” reception, you need chairs. your though. their comfort. need them and to from elements.

Beach weddings beautiful does element uncertainty. Careful your eliminate them.

Just remember…

If every not due ocean a off “wedding gift” to the bowl…

These are or your day. are “memories”! them fun!

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